Clean Slate Ink: A Tattoo Removal Gift Could be an Awesome Present

Clean Slate Ink: A Tattoo Removal Gift Could be an Awesome Present

The holidays are approaching quickly, making it imperative that you are ready to tackle them. One hiccup that most people have to deal with is figuring out a worthy gift for loved ones or friends. Those who have a friend or loved one who is unhappy with a tattoo might want to consider gifting Clean Slate Ink tattoo removal service. It may not seem like the best idea just yet, but consider the benefits below.

Rekindled Confidence

Gifting a friend or loved one with an Clean Slate Ink  tattoo removal service appointment can help rekindle this person’s confidence. You should remember that the person you know is ashamed of this old piece of art. This can hurt your friend or loved one’s confidence, making it hard to be as happy as he or she could be. No longer will a person have to wear clothes to hide the tattoo nor will the person have to explain it.

This gift is also going to help free up your friend or loved one’s mind once more. Tattoos can be constant reminders of past mistakes or bad relationships, which make it hard to enjoy life. Removing these tattoos helps ward off negative thoughts like guilt, pain, and other emotional baggage that were carried around with this ink.

Ideal Process

Another reason you should give your friend or loved one an opportunity to remove this tattoo is because the removal process has greatly improved. There was a time when tattoo removing machines left a pretty harsh scar behind, but this is no longer the case. The technicians at Clean Slate Ink have been trained to use more sophisticated tools that do not scar and are much less painful the the machines used to be.

Truly Thoughtful

Another reason this is a good gift to give is because it is a thoughtful one. You already know that it is going to be useful, but it should be greatly appreciated. This is because you are giving your friend or loved one the gift of a fresh start. It may take a few sessions to completely remove the tattoo, but your gift is going to affect your friend or loved one long after it is done.

The procedure is pretty safe and quick since it treats the tattoo’s pigments directly. The professionals at Clean Slate Ink will talk to your loved one before the procedure starts to answer all of his or her questions. There you have it, now you know why this might be a pretty a great gift idea that others might not have thought of.


These are some of the things to consider when having a tattoo removed. Here at Clean Slate Ink Laser Tattoo Removal, we want your experience to be as efficient and easy as possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Getting Started with Removal in Austin, TX

To schedule your free consultation or learn more about Clean Slate Ink, visit their website or call (512) 953-8566. Clean Slate Ink is located at 600 West Round Rock Drive Unit 203  Round Rock, TX  78681.

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