Got Past Relationship Ink. What Now?

Perfect Gift of Tattoo Removal

Life if Full of Regrets

Almost everyone has dated someone that they list high on their list of regrets. Let’s face it, dating isn’t easy, and in some cases, it’s downright disastrous. It never starts out that way, though. In the beginning, it’s rainbows and unicorns, all of them edging you to do things that signify your love for that “wrong” person. Tattoos are one of the dating world’s grandest gestures to show love toward another person, but they turn awfully ugly awful quick when the relationship breaks down.

Inking yourself with something that reminds you of your love is great while the relationship is intact. Once the fireworks are gone, and the person cheats or does some other unforgivable thing that detonates the relationship, though, you’re out of luck, and that tattoo is still going to be there. It’s a constant reminder of a horrible mistake, a person that hurt you, and a genuine regret, albeit an artsy one. What do you do? What now?

I’ve Got Past Relationship Ink. What Now?

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a great chance to reflect on your past relationship ink and decide whether or not it stays or goes. Your ex went; maybe that painful ink should go, too. Kat Von D, one of the world’s premier tattoo artists had a situation just like this arise when she inked her arm in honor of former flame Jesse James. They were quite the couple back in the day. She had a lovely childhood portrait of James adorning the area just below her armpit (perhaps a fitting purgatory for a cheating ex, but a painful reminder nonetheless).

While initially claiming she would never have this tattoo removed, Kat quickly changed her mind after the serial philandering James cheated on her. And who can blame her in this situation? As a tattoo artist herself, she realized the meaning behind the tattoo, the artwork that took to make it, and the promise she’d made to herself, but she also understood that to move on with her life, she needed that permanent reminder gone in a hurry. She gave herself the perfect gift: the permanent removal of Jesse James from her tattoo work.

Be Like Kat

Valentine’s Day is on the way, and if your ex is among the countless millions of people who have ex ink polluting the beauty of their body art, then it’s time to give them the gift that keeps on giving: tattoo laser removal. Just like that breath of fresh air they took in the day they realized that person was physically gone from their lives, they’ll get that same refreshing feeling after the ex ink is eradicated permanently from their sight.

Once you realize that your poor partner is struggling with that ink, and you’re sick of seeing it, too, strongly consider laser removal of the abomination as the world’ finest Valentine’s Day gift. Here are just a few reasons why this is the ideal way to express your love for someone who made a tragic tattoo mistake in the past:

  1. Your ex is going to be so relieved to finally see that tattoo gone.
  2. You’re going to be immediately relieved to see that tattoo gone.
  3. Laser removal of tattoos is quick, easy, and far less painful than having to look at your partner’s ex tattoo everyday
  4. They’re going to love you for erasing that painful reminder!

Show some love to people who have made mistakes in love by helping your current flame get rid of the unsightly appearance of their ex. They’ll thank you for it, and you’ll thank you for it. Call Clean Slate Ink and inquire about getting a gift certificate or start your own tattoo removal process today!

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