Laser Hair Removal Myths

Laser Hair Removal Myths

For many years, women have been looking for ways to permanently remove hair so that they can free up their time for other activities. They have tried plucking, shaving, waxing, and threading, but a permanent solution was never found. If you are bothered by this monotonous activity, you should consider undergoing a laser hair removal treatment at Clean Slate Ink in Austin Texas.

Although laser hair removal is extremely popular, there are still a few stubborn myths remaining about the treatment. If you have heard something negative that keeps you from considering laser hair removal, you will need some good information to help clear up the myths surrounding this safe and effective treatment.

Myth #1: Lasers Damage Internal Organs

This is completely untrue. Laser beams are precisely controlled and cannot move beyond a restricted limit. The laser used in laser hair removal only penetrates a tiny fraction of the skin, just enough to target the hair follicles. It does not come anywhere close to internal organs. The FDA has approved the procedure as a safe treatment for removing hair. Any side effects are temporary and will fade rapidly within a day or two.

Myth #2: Laser Hair Removal is Painful

While it is normal to experience some minor discomfort during the treatment, it is quite bearable and less than many hair removal treatments performed at home. Most patients experience the treatment as a sensation of a rubber band lightly snapping on the skin. If you normally remove your hair through tweezing or waxing, you will find the treatment to be virtually painless. If you have a low pain threshold, your practitioner can first numb the treatment area using a topical anesthetic.

Myth #3: Patients With Dark Skin or Light Hair Cannot Be Treated

In the early days of laser hair removal, those with darker skin could not be treated because they risked skin burns. Recent advances allow those with both dark skin and light hair to be treated.

Myth #4: Only the Face Can Be Treated

You can use a laser hair removal treatment on almost anybody part, including the face, chest, arms, underarms, and legs. The neck and bikini area can also be treated. The only real restriction is that the treatment is not advised for areas around the eyes.

Myth #5: Everyone Obtains the Same Results

This is also a myth. Results can vary from individual to individual, depending upon factors like texture and type of hair and skin color.

Myth #6: Laser Hair Removal Is Used During Pregnancy

Many women experience increased hair growth during pregnancy due to an increase in estrogen levels. Although there is no actual evidence that the treatment is unsafe for pregnant women, the effects on the baby are not known. For this reason, we do not recommend the pregnant women undergo the treatment.

Myth #7: Lasers Cause Skin Cancer

This is completely untrue, otherwise the FDA would not have approved the procedure.

Myth #8: Only One Session Is Needed

Multiple sessions are needed for the permanent removal of unwanted hair. This is because individual hair follicles grow in different cycles, and only a hair follicle within its growth phase can be treated.

Myth #9: Lasers Permanently Remove Hair

Although hair can still grow back after a treatment, it will likely be much finer and thinner than before. Most patients only need about two sessions annually for maintenance of results.

Myth #10: Laser Hair Removal Is Expensive

Laser hair removal is very affordable for the average person. It will also save you money in the long run, since procedures like waxing and threading must be repeated regularly.

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