Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removal

Misconceptions About Laser Tattoo Removal

A tattoo that seemed to be a permanent mark on the body of people, can now be removed with the help of our specialized laser. Right now, we have the ability to get rid of unwanted tattoos and leave your skin clean.  Among the several methods used in removing tattoos, the laser tattoo removal is certainly the best and most safest and highly effective tattoo removal procedure available today.  The laser goes ahead and delivers short and powerful pulses of energy into the tattoo, which in the process shatters the ink particles. Then, the body’s immune system goes to work even as it flushes away the shattered ink over a couple of weeks. With the laser being the most effective method of removing tattoos today, many misconceptions about its procedures still exist among individuals which makes most people to be apprehensive about having the treatment done on their skin.

In the remaining part of this article, we will discuss about the common examples of laser tattoo removal myths making it round:

Tattoo removal creams work just as well as laser tattoo removal.

There is no evidence to prove that rejuvi, wrecking balm, pro fad and e.t.c is effective when it comes to getting rid of tattoo from the skin. However, in most cases these creams only use bleach to mask the tattoo instead of eradicating any of the ink. When tattoo inks have finally settled deep into the skin, these creams are not able to target the ink.

Laser tattoo removal often causes scarring

There is a reduced risk scarring when it comes to using the laser tattoo removal. Scarring is possible, but they are rarely common, and the risk is relatively low if proper protocol is followed. Any certified laser specialist will ensure that a recommended amount of energy is used to ensure that scarring does not occur. We also recommend at least 6 to 8 weeks in between each treatment in order to ensure that a proper healing of skin takes place.

A laser hair machine will be effective at removing my tattoo

No! Hair removal lasers also use the same wavelengths like the tattoo removal laser, the difference between them is the duration of the pulse which is longer than its counterpart. The pulse from a hair removal laser is only about one million times longer than that of a tattoo removal laser. But due to the difference in the pulse width, hair removal laser is a bad option for removing tattoos. It usually directs a pulse of energy that lasts for much too long, causing thermal injury and scarring of the skin.

New tattoos cannot be removed

You do not have to wait until when a tattoo is old or faded before it can be removed. Our experts can treat fresh tattoos as long as the skin has completely healed from its previous treatment. Treating a fresh tattoo is good because the ink will still be settled on the top layer of the skin. Which makes it easier to treat. The healing process will take some time, but most people will need around 4-6 weeks of waiting period before proceeding with their laser tattoo removal treatment.

Tattoos will come with just one laser treatment

While some companies as continued to make this claim, we would like to confirm that its not true. There is no existing clinic anywhere in the world that has the technology to break all of the ink in a professionally made tattoo in just one visit. In every treatment that anyone has to undergo, there are factors that influence how many treatment sessions someone will need in order to completely get rid of a tattoo. Some of this factors includes;

  • The type of ink used in the process of the creating the tattoo
  • The amount of ink in the tattoo
  • The depth of the ink
  • Scar present in the tattooed skin
  • The part of the body where this tattoo is drawn
  • Conditions of the immune system
  • The circulation of the blood around the treated area
  • The skin type, age of the patient and age of the tattoo.

With all these listed factors, there is certainly no way to predict how many sessions it will take to completely get rid of a tattoo. It our findings as indicated that it ranges between five (5) and (10) treatment sessions. It is a process and also requires commitment, and we have the experience and technology to take care of the tattoo removal process.

At Clean Slate Ink Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX, we offer free consultations and will be glad to attend to all your inquiries regarding the laser tattoo removal. Contact us today to find out we can help you.  www.cleanslateink.com

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