Should You Wear Tattoos In The Workplace?

Should You Wear Tattoos In The Austin Workplace?

Tattoos were once considered taboo. In the past, only rock musicians, sailors and other people who were considered outsiders wore tattoos. However, tattoos are becoming more acceptable. It is estimated that 40 percent of people who were between the ages of 18 and 29 had at least one tattoo.

Employer attitudes towards tattoos can vary greatly. The United States Military has a strict policy regarding tattoos. Gang tattoos, sexist tattoos, racist tattoos and tattoos with hate speech are forbidden in the United States Army. Sleeve tattoos as well as tattoos on the hands, neck and face are also frowned upon in the military.

There are other employers who feel the same way. However, some employers do not care if the person has tattoos as long as they are covered while a person is working. Some people with tattoos are able to win their employers over by delivering an exceptional performance. The employer could care less about the tattoos.

In order to make things easier on yourself, you will need to stick with the employer dress code. Every company has its own unique dress code. The company has an image it has to protect. That is why a person can be fired for having an inappropriate tattoo.

Your employer may not care about your tattoo if it is hidden. A recent report stated that 70 percent of people hid their tattoos with their clothing. Employees have a responsibility to make sure that they fit their employer’s business model.

The good news is that you can get tattoo removal in Round Rock, TX if you no longer want the tattoo, or it does not fit in with your current place of employment. Laser Tattoo removal is cost-effective and safe. The size of the tattoo can be drastically reduced with just a few treatments.

Getting Started with Tattoo Removal in Austin.

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