What to Ask Before Starting Your Austin Tattoo Removal Process

Getting a tattoo removed is an important decision that many people make in their lives. At Clean Slate Ink Tattoo Removal in Austin, TX, our goal is provide you with all facts so you can make the best decision for your Tattoo Removal needs.

1. Is the Consultation Free?

Before you have your tattoo removed, you should ask if the consultation if free. Many establishments that specialize in tattoo removal will offer a free consultation to educated you about the removal process and let you decide when to begin. Because every tattoo is unique, a consultation gives you an understanding of your best removal options and pricing plans for your tattoo removal. Your technician can examine the size, quality, and color of your tattoo. In addition, your technician will also look at where it is placed on your body, which will enable them to provide you with accurate information about the removal process. Because you haven’t yet made the decision on who will remove your tattoo, you should never have to pay for a tattoo removal consultation.

2. Can the Establishment Remove the Full Spectrum of Color?

Be sure to ask if the establishment has the ability to remove the full spectrum of color. As a general rule, black ink is the simplest to remove and red ink is the second easiest color to remove. Ink that is purple, blue, and green can take longer to break down. However, it is important to keep in mind that some black ink has a blue or green base. Those who go to an establishment that can only remove black ink may undergo five treatments before they are told the technician can’t remove the tattoo because the black ink has a blue or green base.

3. Does the Establishment Specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal?

Make sure that the establishment you choose employs technicians that are certified and specialize in laser tattoo removal. Although some establishments may claim that they have technicians with years of experience, they may only do tattoo removals a few times per month with low-grade equipment that is rented. Never be shy to ask about technician certifications and equipment that will be used during the tattoo removal procedure.

4. Will the Tattoo Removal Process Cause Pain?

Many individuals describe the feeling of laser tattoo removal as comparable to a rubber band snapping on their skin. Although everyone has a different pain tolerance, many individuals explain that it is no worse than getting a tattoo. In addition, having a tattoo removed takes far less time than having one administered. There are some clinics that offer devices that can cool the treated area before and after the removal process, which will increase comfort and speed healing time.

5. Will Topical Creams Work?

While there are many topical creams and gels that are marketed as effective ways to remove tattoos, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved laser tattoo removal treatment as a non-invasive way to remove tattoos. In addition, there have been some creams and topical gels that have caused allergic reactions, such as burns, rashes, and changes in skin pigmentation.

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