Why A Romantic Partner Name Tattoo Isn’t Such A Grand Idea

It’s one of those things that most people live to regret. It’s the bud of a lot of bad jokes. Sometimes, it has a great love story behind it, but it can sometimes turn into its very own horror story. So, if you’re rethinking or dealing with the unhappiness of tattooing a romantic partner’s name on your body, do know that you aren’t alone and aren’t without options for help. In fact, name removal is one of the most common requests when it comes to tattoo removals.

Why is getting a name tattoo such a bad idea? What happens if I’ve already given way to this bad idea? Are there options to undo unwanted ink? Let’s answer all your questions.

At the moment, its human nature to believe current love is the best love. We want to believe in love’s longevity and that our partners are infallible. As a binding show of this belief, we turn to ways to reflect our own lasting commitment to that person and relationship, such as by tattooing the partner’s name on our body.

While a nice sentiment in theory, the realty is that people, love, and life itself are intrinsically fickle. Nothing has the promise of tomorrow. Assuming that anything is infallible and that the truths of today will be the same for tomorrow inevitably leads to regrets.

Likewise, many in struggling relationships turn to grandiose gestures to prove their love and/or add a sense of permanence to what they feel they’re losing. Just as getting pregnant doesn’t save a failing relationship, neither will inking your partner’s name on your skin.

Of course, there’s also the invite for bad karma, luck, or omen in getting someone’s name tattooed on your body. Just as many fans have noticed that celebrity couples doing reality TV is the kiss of death to those relationships, many tattoo artists will tell you that inking a partner’s name on your body is the kiss of death to your relationship.

There are a lot of unlucky superstitions surrounding name tattoos. Believe them or not, but there’s one hard fact about this type of tattoo that simply can’t be swiped away as myth. Statistics show that over 30% of people with a partner’s name tattooed on them regret getting that ink.

The bottom line is that the most commonly regretted tattoo isn’t misinterpretations or constellation tats… it’s getting someone else’s name inked on your body.

If you’re considering this type of ink, think about three cause and effects beforehand:

  • Relationships aren’t ever promised tomorrow.
  • Having an ex’s name displayed on your body can negatively impact future relationships.
  • Looking at an ex’s name on your body can exacerbate the difficulty of a breakup/loss and make moving on all the more difficult.

Options For Regretted Ink

You aren’t without options if the above tips came too late for you and an ex’s name is already in place. Whether you’ve just ended a long-term relationship that you thought was your forever, have a hurtful symbolic name tattoo of a lost love, or even have multiple names across your body, tattoo laser removal is an option to correct your regrets and help you move on to a clean slate.

With laser tattoo removal, you have several corrective options, including:

  1. Full Removal – allows you to get rid of all evidence of an unwanted tattoo, leaving you with clear skin to keep as open space or as the future site of new ink.
  2. Partial Removal – allows you flexibility to create a new tattoo from the old one, which is great for ink that you want to cleanup before using it as a starting point for a transformation tattoo.
  3. Removal For Cover up – allows you to lighten up your existing tattoo so that it can be covered up by a new tattoo.

Clean Slate Laser Clinic Can Help

Names of old flames can cause havoc on your life today, especially when they’re tattooed as a constant visual reminder of yesterday. Our laser tattoo removal clinic in Austin, TX can help you find your clean slate!

Browse through our before and after gallery to see the results for yourself. Visit our FAQ page to help you decide what type of removal best suits your future plans. Contact us today to learn more about your removal options, what to expect, and how our professional services can help you make amends with tattoo regrets.

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