Laser Tattoo Removal Overview

Austin/Round Rock Laser Tattoo Removal

About Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal grows more popular each day. Tattoo removal methods have existed for thousands of years, but only laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective non-surgical method for removing unwanted ink.

Every patient and tattoo is unique, and so are the motivations for removing a tattoo. Whether your tattoo is undesirable in the workforce, no longer represents you and your lifestyle, has negative connotations you regret, or needs to be removed to make room for better artwork, we can help! Our clinic is all about fresh starts and clean slates. We will work hard to give you the results you want, no matter your removal reason. Our Austin clinic is a judgment-free space that cares only about delivering excellent results. That said, we believe it’s crucial to understand the procedure and feel comfortable before moving forward with treatment. Keep reading below to find out how our laser safely removes unwanted ink.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Austin Laser Tattoo Removal on the Epidermis of Your SkinTattoos contain large ink particles trapped in your skin’s dermis, the deepest layer of skin. Your body’s immune system constantly sends blood cells to consume and remove the foreign ink particles over time. However, the ink particles are too large and deeply embedded in your skin that the cells can only scrape away tiny bits at a time. As your body continuously eats away at the ink, your permanent tattoo eventually fades and loses color over time.

Laser tattoo removal essentially assists your body’s natural removal process. During a treatment, our lasers send extremely fast pulses of light energy into the skin’s dermis and selectively target the unwanted ink. The ink particles absorb the light energy and instantly shatter into tiny fragmented particles that are small enough for your blood cells to remove naturally. The laser treats the shallowest layer of ink and works its way deeper with each session until no ink remains in the skin. You will witness your tattoo gradually fade over the weeks following each treatment until your skin shows a clean slate.

Determining Your Needs

Virtually every patient will need multiple treatments to see complete tattoo removal. Patients with older, faded tattoos or those wanting to lighten a tattoo for an easier cover-up application will require fewer treatments. Clean Slate Ink determines the number of treatments you will need based on various factors unique to you and your tattoo.