Our Technology – The Astanza ReSmooth

Superior Technology, Fast Results

The Astanza ReSmooth

Superior Technology, Fast Results

Clean Slate Ink uses the Astanza ReSmooth diode laser for fast, effective, pain-free laser hair removal. This FDA-cleared laser uses innovative technology to deliver the best removal results across all skin and hair types.

Our ReSmooth laser emits two essential wavelengths, 810 nm and 940 nm, for greater versatility in safely treating all skin types I – VI and all hair colors. Unlike other lasers, our ReSmooth can safely treat newly tanned skin, making Clean Slate Ink the best laser hair removal provider for removing unwanted hair throughout Austin, Round Rock, Pflugerville, Georgetown and Cedar Park areas. We provide safe treatments all year long, no matter the season or Texas heat.

With traditional lasers, treatment times can take as long as 15 to 30 minutes for large areas like the legs, back, and chest. Thanks to our ReSmooth’s industry-leading XL handpiece and 9.1 cm2 spot size, treatment times are reduced to as little as 4 minutes, making laser hair removal sessions faster, and more convenient than ever. Our XL handpiece also features an interchangeable small spot size tip for precise treatment on smaller areas like the face, underarms, and bikini area. No matter your situation, Clean Slate’s ReSmooth laser tailors to your needs.

Pain-Free Treatments

One of the reasons Clean Slate Ink invested in the ReSmooth laser is its SmoothPulse mode and integrated cooling system. Together, these features eliminate pain altogether, making laser hair removal treatments more comfortable than ever.

Unlike other lasers that transmit their energy into a single intense and painful pulse, our ReSmooth’s SmoothPulse mode uniquely divides the laser’s energy through multiple strokes, creating a pain-free, relaxing experience.

This even heat distribution is then paired with the ReSmooth’s integrated cooling system. The integrated cooling system cools the skin immediately before each treatment pulse, further reducing any laser pain and adding more comfort for you and safer results for your skin.

For more information on this cutting-edge laser hair removal technology, call our Round Rock location and schedule a free consultation today!