The Astanza PicoStar and Eternity

We are so excited to offer advanced laser treatments using the Asclepion PicoStar® laser backed by Astanza Laser. This revolutionary system is the most powerful picosecond laser on the market and the first of its kind in Austin, Texas.

The PicoStar is a powerful laser that boasts a whopping 400 picosecond pulse duration and 2.0 GW of power. What does that mean? Compared to traditional Q-switched lasers that use nanosecond technology, the pulse durations of the PicoStar are up to 15 times shorter than the average Q-switched laser. The PicoStar’s exceptionally short pulse durations can break down large tattoo ink particles into even smaller pieces, speeding up the natural fading process and resulting in faster, better removal results. Best of all, pico lasers are notorious for being less painful than nano lasers due to their incredibly fast pulse duration and advanced technology.

Paired with our Astanza Eternity laser, a Q-switched ruby laser that produces a 694 nm wavelength, we can target and remove all tattoo colors, including “stubborn” or “difficult” pigments like bright blues and greens that reflect 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths. Our Eternity’s 694 nm wavelength specifically targets those resistant shades, making Clean Slate the best destination to remove, fade, or modify your unwanted ink – no matter your tattoo’s colors!

Our PicoStar and Eternity lasers can safely treat all skin types, including darker skin types IV through VI. For more information on our innovative lasers, call us today to schedule a free consultation!

View some before and after results with PicoStar and Eternity Lasers