4 Questions Most People Ask About Laser Hair Removal

4 Questions Most People Ask About Laser Hair Removal

Considering laser hair removal? You probably have more than a few questions you need answers to before you commit to the procedure. While this may not answer every concern you have, it should give you insight into what to expect from your laser hair removal treatments.

How effective is it?

Laser hair removal is usually highly-effective, eliminating the overwhelming majority of hair in the treatment area when given proper treatments. The overall efficacy of the procedure depends on a few factors. First and foremost, laser hair removal can only remove hairs which are currently in the growing phase; if you’ve been waxing or shaving right up until treatment, you’ll get much worse results. Similarly, the way hair grows means all hairs won’t be ‘available’ for treatment at once, meaning a first pass will miss some hairs. More treatments will leave less and less hair behind.

How many trips will it take?

There are a few factors which go into determining the number of visits necessary to meet your goals for hair removal. Hair thickness, skin tone, the specific laser type, and your pattern of hair growth can all contribute to the trips necessary for your goals. To put it simply, you should expect to come to our office for a series of treatment sessions.

How long will the results of the treatment last?

Laser hair removal leads to long-term hair reduction in the treatment area, but hairs which haven’t been treated yet may grow out over time. In other words, results vary.

How quick is the recovery period?

Recovery after being treated with a laser that is properly matched to your hair and skin tone will be near-instant, with most patients walking away with zero discomfort or downtime after the procedure.

If you have further questions about laser hair removal, or you’re ready to schedule an initial consultation, talk to our team at Clean Slate Ink. Contact us today at (512) 953-8566 to schedule a consultation!


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