5 Reasons Fall & Winter is the Optimal Time to Have Your Tattoo Removed

5 Reasons Fall & Winter is the Optimal Time to Have Your Tattoo Removed

Sometimes people get some ink that they regret later in life. It might have been a good tattoo at first, but the person’s preferences changed. It’s also possible that the tattoo was bad to begin with. Or maybe you even still like your tattoo, but you feel like you’re being held back professionally because of it. Whatever the reason, many people get rid of their tattoos through laser treatment, and you might be wondering if sometimes of the year are better than others to get rid of a tattoo that has outlived its time. Winter is actually a great time of the year to laser off tattoos. Here are a few reasons why.

Less Opportunity for Sun Damage
When you get a tattoo lasered off, you need to keep it out of the sun. In the winter, there is less time that the sun is up, and you’re also likely keeping your skin under more clothing. For instance, if you have a tattoo on your thigh, it’s unlikely that you’ll be showing that part of your leg if you live in a colder climate. This will protect your skin from being burned when you’re trying to let it heal, and this can protect you from scarring.

You Don’t Need to Shave
Similar to getting a tattoo, when you have one lasered off, you’ll get a scab. Shaving can loosen this scab and cause scarring. That’s why you shouldn’t shave when you’re going through laser treatment. If you have this treatment done in the winter, you won’t need to feel self-conscious about the hair on your body.

You Won’t Need to Show Your Half-Removed Tattoo
Removing a tattoo takes several sessions, and there will be a time in which your tattoo is partially faded and won’t look very good. If you want to be able to hide the progression of the fading, you can wear clothing over your tattoo more easily in the winter.

You’ll Avoid Chlorine and Other Irritants
Most people go swimming less often in the winter. Chlorine has chemicals that can dry your skin and irritate it, and lake water has bacteria that can cause an infection. If you avoid swimming, you’re less likely to irritate your skin with water that is unsanitary or drying.

You’ll Be Ready for Summer
If you want your skin to be tattoo-free and healed by summer, you’ll get there if you start in the winter time. In many parts of the country, November through April is the time to wear long sleeves and pants rather than tank tops and shorts. Getting rid of a tattoo through laser treatment shouldn’t take you more than six months, so winter is a great time to start.

Your body naturally works the ink out of your skin gradually, so this is one of the reasons that your ink can fade over time even without laser removal. But when you get laser tattoo removal, this speeds up the process. Also, although people fear that the process will be painful, it’s no more painful than having the tattoo done. There are even places that have a process that cools that skin as the procedure is being done so that it doesn’t hurt.

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