Laser Tattoo Removal: How Long Does It Take For The Tattoo To Be Fully Removed?

Austin Tattoo Removal - How Long Does Laser Tattoo Removal Take

Tattoos are one of the most beautiful forms through which one can express their artistic sense on their body. But just because someone got a tattoo done on themselves a while ago, doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to live with it forever. Even though a tattoo is a permanent mark on the skin, there are ways in which it can be removed. People choose to remove their tattoos for a variety of reasons. It could be because they want to replace it, if they want to change it and make it something better, or if they feel like the artist didn’t do justice to it.

Austin, TX Tattoo removals are mainly done through a process which uses a laser, which works to evaporate the particles of ink in the skin. Different colors tend to sink deeper into the skin layers, which is why a laser of the different frequency is used for every different color that was used to make the tattoo.

When a tattoo is made, the ink may be applied only in one sitting, but after time, the ink seeps deeper and deeper into the skin. This is also one of the main reasons why tattoos tend to fade over time. When a laser is used on a tattoo, it has to be able to reach the deeper layers of the skin to effectively remove the tattoo. During this process, the laser is supposed to break down the ink into extremely small particles. These particles are then absorbed by the skin and are taken care of by the body’s immune system.

Removing a tattoo with a laser is not a quick process. The entire removal can take anywhere from two to three months depending on a number of factors that constitute the tattoo. One of these is the colors that are used. Black is one of the easiest colors to remove, since it absorbs the light of the laser, thereby allowing the breakdown of the ink to be quicker. Darker shades like browns and deep reds come second in the hierarchy since they still have a certain amount of absorption power that is close to that of black ink. Lighter colors are slightly harder to remove since they repel light more than absorbing it. These require a lot more sittings than darker colors to remove. The color that is the hardest to remove is white. This is because the color white has the property of repelling any light that it encounters, making it harder for the laser to break up the ink. White ink is sometimes almost impossible to use, unless one goes through significantly more sittings than what it would take for any other kind of color on the spectrum.

Another factor that goes into the time that it takes to remove a tattoo is the shading of the tattoo. The parts of the tattoo that are less shaded take far less time than the area that is more shaded. This is mainly because of the density of ink in the area. The denser areas require a lot more light and heat absorption, which is why the duration can be increased because of this.

The third determinant of the duration that it takes for the tattoo to be removed is the immune system. People who have stronger immune systems tend to absorb the ink a lot faster and process it more quickly, allowing the tattoo to be removed quicker. If a person has a weaker immune system or any autoimmune disorders, the body will take longer to absorb it and process it. In this case, the process of removing the tattoo will take a lot longer.

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