Laser Tattoo Removal in Round Rock, TX Wipes Away Regrets

Laser Tattoo Removal in Round Rock, TX Wipes Away Regrets

Getting a tattoo is something that many people set out to do each year with excitement. The prospect of having a piece of art etched onto the skin to wear as a fashion statement or personal statement of expression is an attractive one, but as human beings, it’s only natural that we change our minds. That once exciting tattoo may become a regret, but it doesn’t have to mean you are stuck looking at it every day for the rest of your life.

Tattoo Health notes that over 10 million Americans make the choice to have a tattoo and over half of those 10 million people will come to regret the decision. While some may choose to simply hide the tattoo with clothing or add to the tattoo in an effort to cover it up, neither of these options erases the tattoo itself. Attempting to the hide the tattoo with clothing may limit clothing options to shirts that only cover that tattoo etched on your bicep. Making the choice to have the tattoo removed frees a person of any constraints and best of all, they never have to look at that “regret” again.

The US Department of Health began marketing laser tattoo removal in the 90’s and technology has advanced since then, making this service safer and more effective than ever before. Typically, more than one tattoo removal treatment is required to completely erase the tattoo. More or less treatments may be needed depending on the size and coloration of the tattoo. Darker tattoos or those with colored ink will require more treatments to completely erase the tattoo.

The Process

It’s important to note that, on average, six to twelve separate treatments in total are necessary in order to completely erase a tattoo. The actual treatment time will take from a few minutes to twenty minutes depending on the size of the tattoo. During this time, the patient will wear protective goggles as the doctor or nurse performs the treatment with a laser.

The treatment feels similar to being snapped with a rubber band. Redness and minor swelling typically occur after the treatment, but this goes away with time. With more treatments, the tattoo will continue to fade and the skin will heal.

Key Points to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal in Round Rock, TX

Individuals with a lighter skin tone typically tend to see the best results with laser tattoo removal. Though laser technology has greatly advanced in recent years, laser treatments still tend to perform the best on lighter skin tones and have a lesser chance of causing any side effects on these skin tones. Those with darker skin tones may run a slight risk of scarring from a treatment or experiencing complications completely removing the tattoo.

Tattoos that are placed in areas such as the ankles or around elbows, for example, are typically more difficult to remove as they are closer to bone. Tattoos that are on more fleshy parts of the skin tend to respond better to laser tattoo removal treatments.

Care After Treatment

After a laser tattoo removal treatment, your doctor or nurse will apply an antibiotic ointment to the treated area and advise you to place ice packs on the area as well. It’s extremely important to avoid the sun after a laser tattoo removal treatment, as the treated area will be extremely sensitive to any UVA rays. Keeping the area clean and dry will help to ensure that the skin is able to heal properly during the healing process.

Getting Started with Tattoo Removal in Round Rock

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