Sun Exposure and Tattoo Removal

Our clients at Clean Slate Ink are often interested in learning if they need to avoid exposure to the sun when having laser tattoo removal treatments performed. They want to know if it is possible to sunbathe before or after a treatment session. We would like to address this question.

We previously addressed the immune system and laser tattoo removal. In order for a person to get the best results after laser tattoo removal, a healthy immune system is important. It ensures that the healing process happens as quickly as possible.

How Exposure to the Sun Affects the Skin

Most people would agree that catching some rays is a great way to spend an afternoon. Everyone wants to have skin that looks healthy and has that radiant glow that comes from spending some time out in the sun. When you spend time in the sun, your body will produce more vitamin D and melanin. You may have heard some people refer to vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin. This vitamin is definitely important when it comes to having a healthy immune system, boosting the metabolism, and enjoying healthy teeth and bones.

It is good to think about why the pigment in our skin is affected by the sun. Our skin turns brown after spending time in the sun because the melanin soaks up radiation.


Your skin will tan or burn as the production of melanin is increased. When you visit us for a laser tattoo removal treatment and you have spent time in the sun, your skin may not be as responsive to the treatment. It can be difficult for the laser energy to break up the ink under the skin. It is for this reason that we recommend that our clients have as natural of a skin tone as possible. This will give you the best results from your laser tattoo removal treatment. And you may need fewer treatments to get rid of the tattoo.

What to Know about Sunbathing and Tattoo Removal Treatments

We often have clients ask if they can sunbathe before a tattoo removal treatment. Or they want to know how long they have to wait after a treatment to spend time in the sun. We recommend that avoid sunbathing for six weeks before treatment and six weeks after the treatment. If you have made the decision to say goodbye to an unwanted tattoo, avoiding sunbathing before and after treatments will give you the quickest and best possible results.

Use a sunscreen of SPF 50 that is non-sticky and quick drying if you have to go in the sun before or after treatment. And limit exposure to the sun to just 10 minutes each time.

What about Fake Tans?

We recommend avoiding fake tans for at least two weeks before having a laser tattoo removal treatment and for at least two weeks after treatment. We want your immune system to be as healthy as possible in order to speed up the tattoo removal process.

When you use a fake tan, your body is exposed to toxins, which will slow the healing process after a laser removal treatment. Additionally, laser treatments do not combine well with fake tans because they contain activators, which could negatively react with the laser treatment.

In Conclusion

After committing to the laser tattoo removal process, you want the best results. Exposing yourself to the sun will increase the levels of melanin in your skin, which will slow down the tattoo removal process. And if your skin is sunburned or has blisters, this will make the laser treatment painful and could produce scarring.

If you make the the sacrifice of avoiding exposure to the sun while going through your tattoo laser removal treatments, it won’t be long before you will be able to sunbathe without those unwanted tattoos on your body. Contact our Austin and Round Rock laser tattoo removal specialists today to learn more.

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