Tattoo lightening: A clean slate before your cover up

Laser Tattoo Fading in Austin Texas

If you are looking to cover up one or more of your current tattoos in Austin, TX, you have several concerns that you need to think about. While you may want or need to cover up an old design with a new artistic expression for any number of reasons, getting it right will make all the difference when you get your new art. One process that may help you get the perfect new tattoo is tattoo lightening. This is a new laser treatment that dulls the appearance of the old tattoo, and may only take a few appointments, before you are ready for the new. While this may not concern you, there are a few reasons why you may want to consider this step first.

Regrettable or Imperfect Tattoos

Whatever reason you have for wanting to cover your tattoo, you aren’t without options for replacement. Maybe you didn’t like the work your original artist did at the start, or they turned out to be not as skilled as you wanted. Sometimes, what was your ideal at the time, becomes silly or unpleasant with time. Sun, time, and living life can cause tattoos to fade or blur and freckles, scars, and stitches can mar your original perfect surface. Perhaps your tattoo was even poorly done or reminds you of people or situations that no longer apply to you, and you’re ready to move on.

Financial Reasons

Getting a tattoo lightened in Austin TX, can save you time and money as well. By preparing for your new tattoo with lightening, you can save money on expensive and heavy cover ups. Instead, you can get the tattoo you want, in less time, for less money. You can work with your artist to determine how and where your new tattoo will be placed, and where the lightening of the old tattoo is most needed to achieve a beautiful and pleasing result. Color, design, and size of the current tattoo will determine how many laser tattoo lightening sessions you require.

Covering Up, While Staying Safe and Healthy

While there are many legends and tales on how to lighten an unwanted tattoo yourself, none of these are safe and healthy methods and you can risk your health doing so. Your tattoo art should be placed on the cleanest, healthiest canvas you can provide-your skin, undamaged by dangerous home methods of removal. The efforts of Clean Slate Tattoo Removal staff and your tattoo artist can work together to give you the new tattoo you really want and deserve.

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