Aftercare Tips for Austin Tattoo Removal

After Care tips for Austin Tattoo Removal

The care required after a laser tattoo removal is not to be neglected. Without adequate aftercare, the treated area becomes susceptible to skin discoloration, infection, and texture changes. It’s for this reason why experts urge individuals to take proper care of their skin as the healing process is underway. Subtle side effects including blistering, scabbing, itching, and swelling are common. Vaseline ointments combat scabbing and blistering while cold compresses reduce inflammation and itching. What’s more, it’s crucial to refrain from picking scabs and popping blisters. Irritating the skin in this manner will only prolong the healing process, and it could exacerbate the pain.

24 hours post-tattoo removal is perhaps the most crucial period. Your tattoo has only recently been effaced, making it vital for you to take sufficient care of the treated area. During this time, avoid warm water, salt water, sun exposure, and hot tubs. Low-pressure water is acceptable if you need to shower. What’s more, if your discomfort levels increase, Tylenol is the best pain relief medication to take. Aspirin and Ibuprofen can cause bruising and other side effects, so it’s wise to opt for Tylenol. Three days after the tattoo removal, a thin layer of ointment should be applied to the skin followed by a fresh bandage to protect the area. Moreover, a mild cleanse involving unscented soap and tepid water is permitted during this time as well.

Once you’ve hit the five-day mark, the majority of the healing is complete. However, a gentle daily massage is known to expedite the process. In short, kneading the skin helps your body absorb the broken up ink, in turn causing what’s left of the tattoo to fade rapidly. Above all else, it’s vital to keep the treated skin out of the sun. Direct sunlight is ill-advised, and it’s recommended to wear SPF 25 until three months after your tattoo is removed. The above advice is intended to create an effective and favorable healing process. With that said, it’s best to apply these suggestions if you wish to avoid a prolonged recovery.

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