Quick Tips for Ensuring the Success of Your Summer Hair Removal Treatments

Laser hair removal is the best choice for achieving the clean, stubble-free look that you want this summer. Unlike shaving, it isn’t going to leave you with rashes, hair bumps, or other blemishes. Austin Laser hair removal doesn’t cause the considerable pain that waxing and sugaring do, and it offers the longest-lasting results of any hair removal procedure available. In fact, for some people, these treatments can result in semi-permanent to permanent reductions of unwanted hair across all treated areas. To ensure the success of your procedure, however, there are several things that you’ll need to do. Following are a few safety tips that will help you get ready for laser hair removal so that you can bare your skin with confidence.

Limit Sun Exposure Ahead of Your Procedure

For several weeks before your laser hair removal treatment and for several weeks after it, you’ll want to avoid sun exposure as much as you can. Wear clothing that keeps your skin covered, and liberally apply sunblock. Suntans make your skin more heat-sensitive. Moreover, given that lasers target darker pigments in the skin, bronzing up before having your hair removed could undermine the efficacy of your treatment. Hold off on sunbathing by the pool or relaxing in your bikini on the beach until you’re ready to show off your newly hair-free legs. It’s additionally important to note that even using self-tanning products or spray tan procedures can affect your treatment outcome. When in doubt, be sure to ask your laser hair removal technician before investing in or engaging in any type of tanning.

You Can Continue Shaving In-Between Your Procedures

Most people will need to undergo several laser hair removal procedures before reaching their cosmetic goals. With each treatment, the targeted hairs will become noticeably sparser and finer. Eventually, many of them will stop growing back altogether. During your consultation appointment, you’ll find out how many procedures will be necessary for achieving the results you want. The good news is that you can continue shaving in-between your treatments to maintain a clean, comfortable look and feel. Just be sure to stick to areas that aren’t being exposed to the sun. Shaving won’t have any impact on your hair follicles or how they react to laser targeting.

Always Use Sunscreen

You should always apply sunscreen during the summer, even if you don’t intend to use laser treatments to get rid of your unwanted hair. During summer, however, applying sunscreen is all the more important when you have laser hair removal scheduled. You should also make a concerted effort to keep your skin healthy, supple, and hydrated by drinking plenty of water, and by regularly applying an unscented body lotion.

Consult With a Professional

To keep your skin healthy and pampered both ahead of a laser hair removal procedure and after it, take advantage of these tips. Contact Clean Slate Ink today to learn more about our treatments for eliminating unwanted hair. We can share additional recommendations on getting ready for treatment, preparing for aftercare, and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin all year long!

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