Tattoo Removal Options, Including the Safest One Available

If you have a tattoo you want removed and your decision to get rid of it sends you on a search for options, you may discover that there are a few ways to remove a tattoo in Austin, TX. Out of the six ways available, only one of them is safe. All the other methods produce side effects and have no evidence that supports their effectiveness. These are the tattoo removal treatments people have used over the years to remove their tattoos:

Acid Tattoo Removal Treatment

Using acid to remove a tattoo is not recommended. Even professionals in the medical field are against this method of treatment. Tattoo removal treatment of this type can include acid peels and injections. When you have a tattoo removed with acid, you risk winding up with severe burns and scars. After you have acid tattoo removal treatment, your skin may become discolored from the corrosive substance used and developing an infection is possible.

Salabrasion Tattoo Removal Treatment

When salabrasion treatment is performed to get rid of a tattoo, a tattoo removal specialist applies water and salt to the skin to remove its outermost layer. As this multi-step process is performed over and over again and the skin is rubbed, the skin is peeled away. Permanent scars develop and infection can occur when salabrasion treatment to remove tattoos is done, and this treatment is extremely painful.

Dermabrasion Tattoo Removal Treatment

Dermabrasion to remove tattoos has been used by people for decades. It is exceptionally painful because a brush made of wire and other tools are used to scrape the skin. This kind of tattoo removal treatment frequently leaves the person who’s having it done with discolored skin, scars, and the chance of an infection developing.

Tattoo Removal Using Creams

Since applying cream to a tattoo to make it disappear is a tattoo removal method some people feel is simple and pain free, these individuals find creams that claim to remove tattoos a desirable option. The problem with tattoo removal creams, however, is they are ineffective and have side effects. The side effects these creams cause include itching, burning, and irritation of the skin. Scabs and infection can develop, too, when these creams are applied to the skin.

Tattoo Removal With Surgery

Surgery to remove a tattoo involves cutting and removing the area of skin where the tattoo is found. Cryosurgery may also be used to remove a tattoo. These forms of tattoo removal treatment can cause scarring and discoloration of the skin. Complications arising from the surgery may also occur.

Laser Tattoo Removal – the Gold Standard

Removing tattoos using a laser is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted tattoos, and the majority of tattoos that people have on their skin can be totally eliminated when a laser is used. Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective when it is done correctly.

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